September 3 Zoning Forum: Setting Rules for Building Big

We encourage you to attend this public forum the Wednesday after Labor Day:

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014


Hearing Room – 2nd Floor, City Hall

210 Main St, Northampton

Sponsored by Ward 3 Councilor Ryan O’Donnell

& Ward 4 Councilor Gina-Louise Sciarra


Currently, a moratorium is in place for the development of building projects of seven or more units in two urban residential zoning districts, pending the finalization of special permit criteria that such projects must adhere to.

These criteria are a chance to describe a vision of future development for our city and to spell out many of the values that matter to us in that process such as affordability, the environment, open space and the basic geography of our communities.

Since January, the city has undertaken a public process to evaluate these design criteria in order to address concerns and ensure that the goals for the city will be met.

This forum is a continuation of that process and an opportunity to voice your thoughts and ideas in advance of September 22nd, when the Ordinance Committee will be meeting to consider these regulations and possibly vote to advance them to the City Council.

Learn more on Councilor O’Donnell’s Facebook page.

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